Saturday Without Sir

Sir left tonight for his holiday with his kids, but I am supposed to do my daily positives so I shall:

  1. I slept late.
  2. I got to take a nap.
  3. I watched movies all day and got nothing done whatsoever.
  4. I got to chat with Sir.
  5. My friend and I watched a couple of movies together.

I was scratching my back earlier and the woman at the cold-sculpting place was right, I am still numb in the treated areas. I can’t wait for my second session to see if it really works. The treated areas are a still a little sore, but I’m pretty sure the swelling has gone down.

Tomorrow when the Kid gets home we will be heading out to the Galleria to check out jewelry stores for my collar. I have been given a budget but I am still leaning towards the Tiffany pieces. They have a chain that has a lock-looking charm on it, I think that’s my favorite. It has a matching bracelet so it will come close to the budget I was given. Sir is funny about how much he wants to spend. Even though I like something he wants to make sure I’m not trying to save him money. I like the pieces so I will be stopping at Tiffany first to see how the pieces look in person. I purchased an engraved necklace from them a while back and it turned out to be much smaller than I expected, tiny even. Seeing the items is most important.

I have several bite marks and pain in various places on my body. For a Sir who doesn’t like to leave marks, he definitely left some marks. They are on my upper chest, my breast, and two on my butt. Sorry for the graphic description, Sir doesn’t like that, but that’s where he left them. I’ll miss him this week but I have some bruises to make sure I think about him daily. I’m still looking forward to cooking for him and our session afterwards next Sunday.

I have a huge pile of laundry to do tomorrow. I hope I get up early enough to get it started before the Kid and I go out shopping. I need to empty the dishwasher and take out the trash as well. I think if I get out of the house I might be inspired to do a little around the house when I get home. The yard guy came this week so it must be recycling week as well. At least I can count on the Kid or the houseguest to help me gather everything, put it into the bins, and roll them out to the curb.

So I’m thinking I should put makeup on tomorrow for when I go shopping. I think if I look better I will be treated better. The $2000 purse can only help me so much. Looks count. That’s exactly why I think I need makeup. Sir doesn’t mind when I don’t wear makeup and I don’t typically wear it to work unless a client will be on site, but sometimes it’s necessary. Like when I spent the afternoon crying while we had our weekend together, my face was so red it was totally required for dinner.

I think that’s all I have for today, it was so uneventful, so ta ta and good night to you all.


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