Sunday Without Sir

Here are my five positives:

  1. I am relaxed today even though I had to deal with a family of morons in, you probably guessed, a minivan in the Galleria parking lot.
  2. I had fun with the Kid today.
  3. I got to chat with Sir even though it was very briefly.
  4. I slept late again.
  5. I was motivated to do my laundry but I’m out of laundry supplies. I’ll do it tomorrow.

Sir chatted with me for a short time before his fishing trip. I hope we will get a little time to chat later this evening. My bite marks have turned from neat red lines to large bruises. I can still feel them, so I think of Sir every time. I’ve decided on my present/collar. It’s still from Tiffany, but I selected a slightly different necklace and matching bracelet. It’s close to my set budget and I think Sir will like it once he sees it on me.

I still need to clean cleaned out the cat box and put the recycling and trash bins out, but that can wait a little while. The Kid was a big help. I did pick up cat litter and my prescriptions after shopping for my collar so I got something done so far today.
My friend got some bad news about her friend who is apparently dying. I feel for her, it’s sad to lose someone you love. I know it all too well.
Sir and I texted this evening for quite a while and it was good. He is having a good time with his kids and is still able to chat with me a couple minutes each day. I’m happy about that. He has some things going on in his life that he needs to deal with on his own. I can’t be a part of that. He is wonderful to me, but I’m afraid there are some in his life that he needs to either let go or take control. My Sir is amazing but he does have his own baggage just like me.

That’s my big Sunday. That’s all for now. Ta ta.


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