Monday Without Sir


  1. I made it through the first day of work after daylight savings time.
  2. I had my favorite salad for lunch today.
  3. It was relaxing eating at a restaurant instead of my desk.
  4. I got out a really difficult report today.
  5. Sir sent me a funny photo of canes in a random place.

I don’t have much to report to since I haven’t really chatted with Sir yet. I had a good day, I’m in a good mood, and my Kid had a great time at the Aquarium today.

Maybe more later, ta ta.
UPDATE: I think it will truly be a night without Sir as I sent our super-secret code message to him a while back and I have not heard from him. I’ll miss talking to him, but I’m glad he’s having fun with his kids. Maybe we will get a chance to chat tomorrow.


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