Tuesday Without Sir

Here are my positives:

  1. Awoke to an email from Sir.
  2. Coffee.
  3. On time to work.
  4. I am eligible to participate in our 401k now.
  5. My houseguest went to the grocery store for me.


My houseguest has been using my computer to job hunt. I have no problem with that. What I do have a problem with is that she has now moved my laptop into the guest room with her. I can access my book because I have it in Dropbox, but I’m afraid the formatting will get messed up when I start editing on my iPad. There is a specific format for 5×7 paperbacks that has to be adhered to if you want your book to print properly. Plus, I’m not sure the table of contents will automatically update on the iPad either. I know I have Word on my old iPad, I need to make sure I have it on my new one so everything stays the same. I was inspired by Sir’s email this morning to do some writing, so I’ll get into when I get home this evening. He mentioned the hate that’s in the the scene for the 50 Shades books and movies and suggested I read up on it to see where the hate is based, learn how not to make the same mistakes, and produce a decent piece of work that does justice to the trust, communication, and the connection a true D/s relationship offers. I’ve done some reading up and found several places where they point out the flaws and from where their hatred stems. Very informative. Now that I know a little more about the subject, I think I want to take the book in a different direction. That means a huge amount of editing, I’ll have to print it out tonight so I can do that. It’s a lot easier to remove chunks when you have tangible papers in your hand. (As opposed to invisible papers? What does that sentence even mean? Poor writing on my part.)

As I wrote the above last sentence I received a text from Sir. I texted that I was just thinking about him, then I realized that a great part of my day consists of me thinking about Sir. Sir seems to just stay on my mind. It’s usually not something specific that I think about, he just has a constant presence in my head. He was out of pocket yesterday which is probably why I got the email instead of a text. It was sent way past my bedtime. Luckily I was up really early so I had time to read it with my morning coffee. We had a nice little chat today. He was multitasking for sure. He even accused me of not being bratty over the past two months! Well! I never!

Wow, long day. I worked an extra hour at the office and another twenty minutes at home so we met our compliance date with a client. I got it done. It was a weird one, not like any of the ones I did before but luckily the engineer was available for questions. Hopefully this gives me some Brownie points. Now I get to leave 20 minutes early tomorrow and an hour early on Friday to see my therapist. With my new schedule I can’t leave in time to see her, I need to change our meeting time. I think she will be okay with that.

Speaking of my therapist, this week is her final test. If she tries that aversion therapy or whatever it’s called I’m quitting her. I really don’t think she has helped me since she started doing this particular exercise with me. In fact, the last time I saw her the Friday before my weekend with Sir I cried the entire hour. That’s not productive because I was lower coming out than I was going in. Counterproductive.

For my aunt’s 60th surprise party we have decided that not only are we going to do a video of us doing carpool karaoke, we are going to blow up a photo of her and make each of us masks to wear while we do it. We’ve decided on the ethereal tune Dancing Queen by Abba, only our dancing queen will be sixty instead of seventeen. The car will be in park for this endeavor. That would be hard to explain to the cops if we got into a wreck!

It’s amazing how fast the evening goes by when you get home later than usual. If I knew how to set my alarm clock without dragging out the instruction booklet each time I would have asked to come in twenty minutes late as opposed to leaving early. Dang Sharper Image with their complicated gadgets. I’m tech savvy but this clock is the bane of my existence! It doesn’t turn off easily, you can’t change the alarms or the alarm sounds intuitively, it has a variety of sounds like a babbling brook, street noises, I use the heartbeat that gets louder and louder the longer it’s on. It’s like waking up in the house of the murderer in the Tell Tale Heart. Poe was a dark creature. I need to Wiki him, I want to know more about him, did he suffer from depression or some other mental illness? I’ll bet he did, maybe schizophrenia or socialpathic tendencies. 

When I was shopping for my collar (at one store) the sales clerk was so cute and funny, very friendly. She asked if it was for a special occasion when I said I was just looking but we would be buying next Sunday. I didn’t know what to say so I just said it was a six month anniversary. If she asks if I want to wear it home next weekend I’ll have to turn her down because we plan to have a ceremony of sorts. Will that seem weird? I’ve taken off my other allwear jewelry, so that wouldn’t be an excuse. Maybe she won’t ask. I hope they work on commission because I got her name and she was very accommodating to me without makeup and in my yoga pants. 

Well, I think that’s a page full for today. Ta ta.


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