Wednesday Without Sir

Five Positives:

  1. Up early enough to watch the news and take a long shower.
  2. I wore makeup today!
  3. I got three reports out and spelled checked two more.
  4. Got to leave early since I worked late yesterday.
  5. Vodka (he he he)

My houseguest is out of the house momentarily. She has a cousin who is in the hospital and she’s pretty much the only one in the family that knows anything about medicine so they asked her to talk to the docs for them. She’ll probably be gone for a few days, but she’s coming back.

I received another email from Sir today. He misunderstood something I wrote that I thought was a funny coincidence but he took it to mean that I told my houseguest about our special relationship. That’s not the case at all, she thinks we are just a normal couple who have been dating. That’s all. I don’t tell her much. She pretty much does all the talking. I just “yep” and “right?” every once in a while so she knows I’m still listening.

Back to Sir’s email. He’s decided that he doesn’t want me to cook for him this Sunday. He wants more time together so we can take things nice and slow. He suggested we all go out to lunch, I leaning towards skipping lunch all together. I am relieved I won’t have to get up early to work in the kitchen. I did put in as much of a gourmet kitchen as I could in my tiny house when I renovated, but I still don’t enjoy cooking. If I had my way I would have a woman come in every weekday to cook and clean for me. Our new plan is that we will go buy the collar then we will head to “our place” for a long session and some long-awaited hugs.

My day at work was crazy and I got a little taste of how it should be in the next few months as they expand our office. It was a good busy, although when the Kid started texting me in the middle of two things, I did get a little stressed, hence the vodka. The Kid and I were supposed to go out for lunch, but I couldn’t stop. The sweetheart brought me my favorite salad and I took bites in between keystrokes. It was 4:30 before I knew it, 4:30 arrives a lot faster than 5:00.

I have failed miserably at trying to curb my spending. I had to get Pigeon fixed, I had to pay the deductible on my car, and yesterday I discovered my printer is a piece of garbage so I had to order a new one that would print more than two pages before jamming. Budget blown. It would be nice if Houseguest would chip in for groceries instead of me paying her to do the shopping since we don’t eat the same things. That bill has doubled. At least she does offer the food she cooks and she cleans around the house, but I still pay the maid to come in monthly.

I just had a lovely chat with Sir. I am so very much looking forward to Sunday. It will be quite the reunion.

That’s it for now my lovelies, thank you for reading. Ta ta.


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