Friday Without Sir

My therapist is sick today so our session was cancelled, but I will still write my five positives:

  1. I had a good day at work.
  2. I finished the project the VP gave me yesterday.
  3. 12:30 came very quickly.
  4. Kid went on errands with me.
  5. I got a lot done!

So work was good, I had my counterpart in SC record and take the minutes of the meetings this morning so I could work on the template for the VP. Even though I took a couple of breaks and had to deal with setting up offices for the new employees coming on Monday I got it done with thirty minutes to spare. I got home around 12:45 and picked up the Kid to run errands. I was able to get a lot done in two hours:

  • Office Depot for ink for the new printer.
  • Spec’s for vodka and white wine, the wine is for the Houseguest.
  • PetSmart for cat food and litter.
  • CVS to pick up the Kid’s and my prescriptions.
  • Lunch at the Kid’s favorite Mexican restaurant.

That’s pretty ambitious for me, I’m exhausted. Seriously. It’s probably not the errands that made me so tired; the cats were on a tirade this morning. While I was still in bed and trying to get another thirty minutes of sleep I heard the distinct sound of one of my pill bottles dropping to the floor. I have yet to find that pill bottle. Then when I thought they were done I tried to go back to sleep. Bear had different ideas, my hands were under my cheek as I lay on my side. Bear kept pulling at my hand to pet him. I’d pet him a few times and put my hand back and he would pull on it again. It was when I heard the crash of something unknown that I realized I was up for the day. Those little monsters are all asleep right now and have been since we got home from lunch.

I had a short chat with Sir while I was at work. He is traveling back to his sibling’s house with the kids so I don’t think we will get to chat much today. I sent our super-secret code and got no response, he must be enjoying family. That’s fine, I’m happy he’s having a good week with his kids. They travel home tomorrow. He said that he would try to see me tomorrow night, but that is very iffy so I doubt I will see him before Sunday at one. I’m still looking forward to Sunday. I told him I needed to be home by eight, but I forgot about the trash, and the other things I do on Sunday to get ready for the work week. I’ll just have to go to bed later so I can still get everything done. Sir deserves all my attention on Sunday, it’s been too long since we’ve had a session and we both want it so very much. The bruises on my chest are still a sickly yellow color, but the pain is gone. I’m hoping the color will be gone by Sunday. While we were running errands today we had to open the hatch to put the cat food and litter into the car. I’m glad the Kid didn’t ask me why I had a large travel bag in the back. Those are our toys and I don’t know how to explain the fact that that bag is back there.

While looking at the printed pages of my book I realized that so much needs to be cut to go towards the strictly BDSM direction I want it to go that I have to just start over and use characters and scenes that have already been written as I go. I’ve decided to cut out the ex-boyfriend, the random friend who’s pregnant, and the short-lived date guy. So the story will be much shorter now which it needed to be. I realized after printing, half of the 360 pages were all before she even gets pulled into her first scene. All of that can go. She’s going to get to the meeting with the Dom much quicker now. I also have to come up with a new title since she won’t be abducted by the short-lived date guy. The title will come later, I’m not concerned. 

I’ve started the new book in Word on my iPad, but it’s not the same feeling I have when I’m on my laptop, also it doesn’t have all the Word features that I need. I’m pretty sure Houseguest took my laptop with her to her cousin’s house. I certainly did not approve that transaction! She left her iPad at her sister’s house, what’s to say she won’t leave my computer at her cousin’s house? I’m getting to the 3-day old fish point of this houseguest. I still don’t know how long she plans to stay. I’m a social introvert and I need my alone time. Knowing she is in the house makes me a little edgy even if she is in the guest room with the door closed. She is constantly on her phone with her wireless headset so I never know if she’s talking to me or if she’s on the phone. With all these people she is constantly talking to, can’t one of them take her in?

Sorry for the rant, I’m trying to be nice but I do like to have somewhat of a plan. I would like to know how long she really plans to stay. Unfortunately I’m afraid it will be until she finds a job. Holy moly I hope she gets one soon. Things have been moving, but nothing has stuck yet. I think she is a little too unprofessional looking personally, but who am I to judge? Giant false eyelashes and glitter eyeshadow is not what I would consider professional, but she refuses to change. Okay, I’m sorry, I’m ranting again.

New subject. A day and a half until Sir! That’s a much happier subject. I can’t wait, it should be very nice once the punishment phase is over. I still haven’t put the two new toys we got into the toy bag, nor have I cleaned out the toy bag. Maybe Sir and I can clean it out on Sunday. He has this tape in the bag that he uses on me, I can use that to mark the items that can stay out of the bag. Carrying it myself it quite a chore, it’s so heavy.

Even lighter side, two little tales that have nothing to do with me or Sir. There is a revolving door into my office building. As I left the other day I realized that someone ran into the door because there was a big greasy nose print on the glass of one of the panes. Then there was this story out of New Jersey where this guy was fired from his restaurant job because he farted too much. His wife decided to sue the restaurant for wrongful termination; she lost. She really loses since she has to live with Mr. Farty.

I’M BEING COLLARED THIS WEEKEND! I’m so happy about that. Sir and I have really gotten to a very strong point in our relationship and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The funny thing is that one of my friends has a necklace very similar to the one I selected so when we are out together and she wears hers I can have a little personal laugh that she’s collared too. Well, her husband bought it for her while they were dating so in a sense it’s true.

I think that’s all I have, ta ta for now!


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