Saturday Without Sir

Five positives:

  1. I got everything I needed to get done today completed.
  2. Pigeon got me up early enough to get everything done.
  3. Sir returns tonight.
  4. Tomorrow is Collar Day.
  5. Tomorrow is Sir Day.

I got the biggest chores done today and I only have three small ones to go. I was concerned I wouldn’t get through everything and fell obligated tomorrow to get home early to complete them. Now I just have to get myself up early enough to get ready before Sir gets here.
Sir sent me a quick text from the airport, we didn’t get to chat much but we have several hours tomorrow to talk. Our plans are still on and the same as previously reported. Quick stop to pick up the collar, maybe lunch, then off to “our place”. 
That’s all I have to report today. Ta ta for now.


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