Catch Up Tuesday

This is just a quick catch up so I uphold my duties for Sir.

Sunday: We left for the school 5 hours away, it took a little over 5 hours to get there due to a lack of signage where we needed to switch highways. I got us a second room so Kid and Mom could stay in one away from me and The Dreaded Cough.

Monday: We saw the school. The school itself is towards middle sized, but larger than we expected. The facilities are all old, didn’t see a single new building except for their newly created Pre-Med facilities. 

We headed home at 3 exactly and again the highway was not marked where we needed to change directions so we wound up taking a county road which turned out to be quite peaceful with no traffic and we didn’t lose any more time. We got home just before 8 last night.

Tuesday: Sudden meeting was called for my department (all six of us), my counterpart and the creator of all the templates we use for everything from proposals to final reports is gone. We get no details – did he quit? -was he fired?s -anything? Nothing. Huge shock and I lost not only my backup but also my go-to guy for any questions I had on a daily basis. Later this afternoon, the signs that this was an unplanned exit started to show when work was being farmed out to see who could take over tasks that had once been his. 

Not much longer after that I get an email saying the new boss needs to meet with me about issues that have been brought to her attention. What? Why am I just hearing about this? Why can’t she say something more than that so I know what I’m facing? She just left me in even more uncertainty and anxiousness. She didn’t send out the letters she said she was going to send to us from the CEO, she never got back to me about going to the doctor on Friday, she didn’t get back to me about what this meeting is in reference to… I think she is in over her head right now and unfortunately those of us under her will feel the wrath until she feels like she’s in control. I have to remember not to take anything too personally and just agree and improve if that’s what’s required of me. I cannot lose this job!

That’s it for me. I’m sitting and fretting wondering what the rest of the week has in store for me.

Ta ta


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