Whispering Wednesday

The direction last night was taking made me think that today might be a sad and lonely day, but thankfully it all worked out for everyone involved. (That would be Sir and me.)



  1. Sir and I are back on the same page.
  2. I heard back from my boss and I don’t think our meeting is going to be too bad.
  3. On time to work!
  4. I should have plenty to do while at work today.
  5. I feel good this morning.


The Dreaded Cough is wreaking havoc in my life at the moment. Besides the fact that today it takes all my effort to get a whisper out, Sir got really upset with me last night. I have to go to the doctor to get some blood-work done this week, it is a non-appointment since the lab messed up and opened a vial of my blood by mistake. All I have to do is show up at the doctor’s office, tell them I need to give a sample, and I’ll be shown back to the phlebotomist’s room. Sir wanted me to see my doctor while I was there because of The Dreaded Cough. He was quite adamant about it, as adamant about it as I was against it. I explained that the cough has a name because my grandmother, my mother, and I all acquire it after we get a cold. It can linger three weeks. I have seen doctors in the past and even cough syrup with codeine doesn’t help quell it. Of course, I had explained this to Sir already so when I explained it again I was a bit (or a lot) snappy towards him. Sir did not take too kindly to that and told me quite bluntly to call him once I had seen the doctor, effectively shutting me out until I followed his orders.

With the turmoil at work yesterday (counterpart’s mysterious departure, boss wanting to have a chat with me), I am more concerned about the future of my job and workload than I am about a cough I have been experiencing about once a year since I was a small child and my sibling would come into my room in the middle of the night to pour NyQuil down my throat to quiet me. I have no idea if it worked back then as I can sleep through the lighter of the cough attacks apparently. Sir was unaware of the work kerfuffle so of course he was stern with me, but once he read my blog explaining everything (I had to make an update because the original version left out key words) he had a better understanding and was a lot more lenient towards me. I apologized for being snappy, but I don’t know how much of my retort will remain on his mind for punishment. I was forgiven for the time being and he agreed that I was stressed because of work and I didn’t need more stress on top of that so he let it go. He even brought me some NyQuil and cough drops; very thoughtful.


 Work turned out better than I was expecting. Even though I had to stay late and work through lunch, I got a lot accomplished. My boss responded to my email early this morning explaining some of what she wanted to talk to me about. There was an incident a month or so ago and a report was taken from me and given to my counterpart with no explanation as to why. It was a complete misunderstanding and I explained my side; she realized it was a lack of communication and left it at that. Since I have no voice we will have to meet later this week when I get it back. She is also trying to get permission to have me fly out to corporate to train the new person, that made me feel good about my abilities for a change.
Sir checked in on me to see how my day was going. I was quite busy but we were able to have a short exchange. We should be able to chat more this evening.
That’s it for me today, thanks for reading.
Ta ta!


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