Freezing Friday


  1. It’s Friday!
  2. My voice is coming back in gruff little spurts.
  3. The Dreaded Cough has decreased to about five or so attacks with smaller ones mixed in.
  4. CoolSculpting!
  5. Working the afternoon instead of the morning, I’m sharper then.

I went into work for about an hour, nothing on my plate as of 8:15 this morning. There should be a report or two coming my way and I have a hard copy I can work on this afternoon. The afternoon will be much more enjoyable if I can get some reports to work on.

I am sitting in my second and final CoolSculpting session, I forgot how cold the machines make your body parts feel. I am currently getting one thigh and one ab worked on; 35 minutes on each section as we go along. Next will be the other thigh and ab with a finish on my back at my bra line. Last time she finished with a thigh and when I got in my car to go home I could feel the coldness through my jeans. I have already noticed a difference on my back, the fat doesn’t hang over the horizontal bra strap like it used to, nor does my band bunch up under the fat. I haven’t noticed a difference in my thigh or abdomen; I think there is simply too much fat there to notice a difference. Maybe this second session will show more results. She said it usually does. I would recommend it to someone who is basically thin with problem areas, but if you are overweight don’t expect great results.

I don’t think I will be seeing Sir tonight because I am still puny. The coughing is exhausting and I just want my pajamas and bed when I get home in the afternoons. I will text him when this session is complete and see what’s going on today. I’ll be sore and a little bruised which would rule out any type of session for sure. It’s disappointing, but coughing through a session wouldn’t be good either. Plus my voice is a whisper, he wouldn’t hear my safe word over the noise of the toys!

I think that’s all I’m writing about today. I will give an update when/if I see any more results from the CoolSculpting.

Ta ta


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