Free-day Friday

Well since Sir is traveling I won’t hear much from him, but at least he can read about the goings on in my life here. 

I have been up since four this morning. I had a migraine yesterday so I slept until after five in the evening. I went back to bed around nine but I got good sleep even though I shouldn’t have been tired at all. I was in the office by six-thirty and had a report waiting for me, I spent the better of four hours on it and had a few more edits this afternoon. I made up some of the time I lost yesterday which is good for my paid time off bank. It was bad news for Sir’s and my session. I wasn’t even out of bed, there was no way I could have gone for a session. I still have remnants of the headache but I just took something for it and I hope it goes away.

I have no plans for this evening, but tomorrow I will go out with my girlfriend to our usual pub. Sunday Kid and I will travel to my sibling’s house for an Easter/birthday lunch. It’s my birthday next week. I’m not thrilled about birthdays as much as I used to be, but I will go out with my friends for dinner one night. Another girlfriend and her husband have birthdays the following week so I’m sure the seven of us will get together sooner or later. It used to be the eight of us. If Sir can join us it will be eight again, if not that’s okay I’m used to it and they are three of my best girlfriends (and husbands).

My collar has been fitting me better since I’m not coughing constantly. Thankfully The Dreaded Cough didn’t stick around for very long. I still don’t have my voice back, but I’m not concerned about that. At least it proves to the people at work that I was really sick and not playing around. I’ve been given my travel dates, and I won’t need to go to corporate until around the 24th. That’s good news for my birthday week, all the people who want to buy me nice things can give them to me on my date. LOL.

Pigeon has become a minor celebrity on Instagram. You can see his shenanigans at PigeonTheTerror if you like.

I seem to be rambling and my paragraphs contain more than one subject so I will end this for today. Happy weekend!

Ta ta


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