Nigh Might Be An Over Statement 

I’m going back to old school and listing my positives first:

  1. I still have a kind and understanding Sir.
  2. Sir forgave my transgressions and we reconnected.
  3. It’s my birthday!
  4. Dinner with Mom, Kid, Houseguest at my favorite Mexican restaurant.
  5. There will be a heap of work coming my way at work soon.

After some begging and convincing, I won my Sir back. It wasn’t easy, Sir has a particular mindset when it comes to his subs behavior. After I was unreleased from my release, I promised to be in our spot last night, in his favorite teddy, in my submissive pose as he came into he room. 

Of course I had to open the door for him so I wasn’t in my pose. Sir came into the room and immediately embraced me. I was very wary and unsure how our meeting would go. He noticed this as he sat in one of the chairs in the sitting area and I sat at his feet. At first he wanted to talk and to look at me. I was extremely nervous as I didn’t know how much trouble I was in or if I was going to be truly forgiven and belong to him again. When I explained that nothing was wrong and that I was just nervous I was given my warmup/birthday spankings. I was suppose to keep count, and I tried my best but I was so happy to be back in Sir’s clutches I couldn’t keep count. The total I counted was around thirty, but it was just his hand spanking me so it wasn’t too painful. The painful part came next.

I don’t know what Sir used on me for my punishment, but it hurt and stung. My hands were over my head hooked to the shower rod, my legs were in the spreader bar. There were a couple of implements if I remember correctly but I can’t say which they were. It’s when the implements wrap around my sides and lick that they really sting. I was beaten from my upper back and arms down to my thighs. Sir was more forceful than normal which I expected. 

What I didn’t expect was that Sir was more forceful throughout our session. I took the lashings as I was supposed to and did as I was told at every turn. Sir even stopped once and asked if I was “yellow”, to which I responded I wasn’t. I wanted to take everything he put to me; I had to prove my submission to him and my gratitude to him for taking me back. From what I could tell from under the sleeping mask, there were all three types of floggers (suede, leather, horsehair), the split leather strap, two solid rods, and the nipple clamps. When I thought we were done at our agreed upon time Sir had one last thing in store for me. Hot wax. We’ve used hot wax in the past and I am fine with it’s use, Sir loves to see me squirm as it singes my delicate areas. I’m not sure what he was doing this time; at first I thought he was using candle wax and a hot oil because some of the drips seemed to burn more and spread more. When all was said and done on both my back and my front and it was time to clean off the wax, it all seemed to just be the same white candle wax all over. I always feel badly for leaving such a mess for the cleaning crew.

All in all it wasn’t nearly as scary as I was expecting it to be. I knew Sir was very, very upset with me, but I didn’t know what he would do to me. I’m thankful that I do have a very kind and forgiving Sir, so my blog will continue as long as Sir will have me.

Ta ta


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