I’m currently sitting with my legs astride and two machines stuck to my inner thighs and it’s freezing! (Hence the name Cool Sculpting). Somehow it feels colder than my last visit, maybe because my previous area was numb from the first treatment. When I get done here I get to go home and work some more. One of my counterparts is not trained a a specific software that we use and since I am, I get to do three reports this evening that shouldn’t have gone to me in the first place. That in turn means I had to cancel on Sir once again. I hate that. I know it bothers him to no end, but I really couldn’t help it. 

Kid has a National Honor Society ceremony tomorrow, so I will attend that. I also have plans with my friends for our birthday dinner. I have to squeeze in doing laundry and packing as well. I just need to be motivated this weekend so I can leave town without having to worry about anything back home.

Happy Friday!

Ta ta


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