Traveling Tuesday

This will be a rambling entry, I am tired, I have work that needs to be done, and my boss doesn’t know how to make decent flight arrangements.

I started my day at 3:50 AM. After two cups of coffee, I decided I had better leave just in case any delays popped up along the way. They took down the GIANT signs that used to tell you which terminal housed which airlines as you drove into the airport complex. So I had no idea where I was going. I knew C & E were for United flights so I gambled and headed to A & B. I parked in the B terminal lot. Yes, I parked at the airport. I figured if the company was going to make me get up before 4:00 AM and not get me home until around 1:00 AM they can foot the cost of me parking at the terminal. I was slightly foiled though. I parked in B and took the elevator down to the first level where I immediately learned that I needed to be in A, luckily an airport worker was kind enough to point out which train I needed to take. My gated was, of course, the last gate. I finally boarded after a short wait and was thrilled to learn that my seating companion was an overweight, over-perfumed, woman who couldn’t stop fidgeting. Kindly, she fell asleep pretty quickly after the plane leveled off. We arrived in Atlanta with no other incidents or inconveniences. It took me a good fifteen minute walk in the wrong direction to finally find a departures board only to learn my gate was on the other side of the concourse. You know what? I’ll bet you guess it. It was the very late gate on the concourse. I don’t know how that always happens to me. At least I was able to walk at a leisurely pace so I wasn’t covered in sweat this time. This flight was so much nicer, it’s a larger plane and the seat between me (window) and the aisle lady is vacant so I can sit crisscross-applesauce and not bother anyone which my protruding leg.

I texted Sir about my arrival to Atlanta and I will text him when I get settled in the back of a cab, but I doubt I’ll have much time to talk with him today because I need to get a report out and do whatever activities the boss has in store for me as well. I still don’t know the actual purpose of this trip. Will I be training them on the stuff they don’t know or will I be in training for stuff I already know. It’ll be interesting to see if they flew the Alaska counterpart down for this week. I wouldn’t want her flight schedule, that’s for sure. It’s bad enough having to make a connection when there are direct flights available, but my boss picked a fare that was so low I don’t even get my frequent flier miles for it! That’s downright rude! I downloaded the Uber app just in case I decided to use them, but I don’t know that I feel comfortable with some stranger picking me up in their car as opposed to some strange taxi driver picking me up in their company car. I guess it’s irrational, but the taxi industry is regulated. The last time my BIL took an Uber it cost him $60, for the same distance a cab in Hometown would cost around $40. That’s a big difference.

Well I did Uber and it was fine. $17 to go 9 miles but that’s about right. The driver was in a HumV and was normally a paramedic so I felt pretty safe. I have to agree it’s a very cool app, it shows you exactly where the car is compared to where you are and you can watch it as it approaches. I’m probably telling this to people who Uber all the time, but I experienced something new and outside of my comfort zone so I’m a little proud of myself. 

I have my own office here which is nice, I can isolate in the middle of a building full of people. Unfortunately I had to sit through a training class of stuff I mostly know already, but I did pick up a few tidbits that will be very helpful. I didn’t fully isolate this evening, I walked across the parking lot to the Mexican restaurant and had a light dinner and a few margaritas. The buzz in the SC Chuys is that Dale Earnhardt Jr. is retiring. I’m not even sure why I know who that is.

The hotel has the ID channel so I’ll watch murder shows until I fall asleep. I miss this channel being a cord cutter. Luckily, Houseguest jail-broke my Amazon Fire stick so I should be able to find some of these shows on it. I’ve been binge watching Botched lately. I need more show ideas so I stop watching Friends all the time. That’s my go-to zone out show. I can do other things while the Friends keep me company in the background.

I still don’t know if I get paid for all this travel time, the Federal website was ambiguous so it gave me no answers. I need to talk with the HR lady tomorrow and find out how much of this I’m actually getting paid for traveling.

Sir and I have chatted off and on, but he was busy with work as was I. We are in different time zones now so it’s even a little trickier. I texted him at 8 like my phone said, but it wasn’t 8 back home. I have my collar on so he is always on my mind even if we can’t chat. I’ll see him this Friday unless something comes up on his end. I don’t think anything will come up on my end since I am off work, as long as the engineer gets the files to me that I need to issue a report that day. I’m hoping to have it done on Thursday.

Well, it’s bedtime. Ta ta.


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