Working Saturday

I took my Adderall this morning so I could get up early and get some things done around the house. I still have a few things to go, but I’ll get there. I wasn’t able to do anything yesterday. I was so exhausted from my trip that I slept until my mom and Kid woke me up at 2:30. I was still tired and fell asleep in front of the TV at 7:30. At least I slept great and got up early to get stuff in order.

So far today I have:

  1. Cleaned the kitchen
  2. Emptied and loaded the dishwasher
  3. Unpacked
  4. Tidied the rest of the house
  5. Made the bed
  6. Ordered my prescriptions
  7. Fixed Netflix in the living room
  8. Ordered the anti flea/worm meds for the kitties
  9. Picked up the anti flea/worm meds for the kitties

What I have left to do:

  1. Deal with the trash from the backyard
  2. Put all my laundry away
  3. De-fur the sofas
  4. Clean and refill the litter box
  5. Wash the sheets, they are covered in cat fur, bleck
  6. Remake the bed
  7. Color my hair
  8. Run by the store

Since I didn’t blog or text Sir yesterday I might be in a bit of trouble. I texted him this morning but it went through as a text message instead of an iMessage so I don’t know if he will get it. I’m afraid I may be in a little trouble with him. Fridays are our usual nights together, but I slept through Friday night. Hopefully he understands and I won’t have to be punished again. Our last session started with a punishment, I don’t think I want our next one to start with a punishment. Of course he’s still kind and caring when administering a punishment but it does still smart and I hate how it feels when I have let him down. I seem to do that a lot.

Kid is at the dad’s house. Houseguest is visiting a sick aunt. Being alone for once in a very long while has motivated me. I really want my house back. I hope houseguest actually leaves at the end of May like we agreed. Drama just follows Houseguest and I would like it to go as well. The drama makes me anxious and I don’t need to be even more stressed. It’s bad enough that the pharmacy didn’t fill one of my antidepressants, I prefer days when I don’t need to take my antianxiety meds. Speaking of anxiety, I was supposed to have a spa day today but Sir never confirmed that. I wonder if I am in more trouble than I thought. Hopefully he will get my text and respond today.

Back to work! Ta ta


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