Wednesday With Sir

After a week at the lake, I reported to Sir about the good time i had. He requested that I meet him on Wednesday after work. I gave no excuses, I had no reservations, I wasn’t anxious, and I met him at the requested place and time. It was a short session but very to the point.

I went to our place and got myself and my toys ready. When he arrived I was on my knees, in a opened-back pink teddy, with a flogger draped over my shoulder. Sir lead me around by the ponytail into various positions around the room. I was blindfolded the majority of the time so I wasn’t always aware of what implement Sir was using to strike me. This time my front got it as well as my back. Sir seemed to be getting his aggression out on me. I’m sure he had some pent up anger from all the times I canceled on him. I can’t be positive but I think it was Sir’s belt that left the most marks. I have them on my legs, arms, backside, and breasts, they are glorious. For a Sir who doesn’t like to leave marks, he did so in a big way.

This is short and sweet because it was several days ago and I am having a hard time remembering everything that occurred. So I will end it to say it was one of the most enjoyable sessions we have had and I’m looking forward to the next one. Luckily when I went for a massage she only worked on my back so she wasn’t privy to the marks on my legs or bottom.

Here is some of Sir’s handy work:

Ta ta for now!


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