Working Sunday

I’ve gotten a lot done today to get ready to travel on Tuesday. I’m not looking forward to that day. I have to leave the house by 4 AM, travel for over 5 hours then go into the office for six or seven hours to work. Thursday when I leave it’s just as bad, I will work all day at the office then fly out at seven but not return home until midnight. Thankfully I have Friday off. I plan to take my car in to be serviced finally, I’m 1000 miles overdue for that.

The diet plan starts this week. I will have to report in to Sir nightly about what I have eaten each day, and I will have to take a photo on the scale every Friday morning. No sweets, no soda, no carbs. I’ve done it before without having to check in, I think I can be successful again. It’ll be a long road, but I am ready to take the journey. I just have to remember to weigh myself and photograph the scale in the morning so Sir will have my baseline. 

I have laundry to tend to so that’s it for today.

Ta ta


I’m currently sitting with my legs astride and two machines stuck to my inner thighs and it’s freezing! (Hence the name Cool Sculpting). Somehow it feels colder than my last visit, maybe because my previous area was numb from the first treatment. When I get done here I get to go home and work some more. One of my counterparts is not trained a a specific software that we use and since I am, I get to do three reports this evening that shouldn’t have gone to me in the first place. That in turn means I had to cancel on Sir once again. I hate that. I know it bothers him to no end, but I really couldn’t help it. 

Kid has a National Honor Society ceremony tomorrow, so I will attend that. I also have plans with my friends for our birthday dinner. I have to squeeze in doing laundry and packing as well. I just need to be motivated this weekend so I can leave town without having to worry about anything back home.

Happy Friday!

Ta ta


Let’s start with some positives:

  1. Made it to work on time even though I woke up late.
  2. I got a workload today that will keep me very busy for a while.
  3. I got to ride in a $200k car.
  4. Persian food for lunch.
  5. Jammie time!

Although it will be tedious work, I have six report binders that need to be created. It took me several hours today to fan-fold over 300 drawings. At least I wasn’t clock watching all day. One of the directors in my office drives a Ferrari, I noticed it in the visitor’s lot with a personalized plate so I asked if it was his. He has a three-letter name so the plate could have been someone’s initials. Yep, it was his. It’s a Ferrari F350 Spider and he had the top down. We went for about a 15 minute spin around some of the winding roads near the office and he put it through it’s paces. I was impressed, what a beautiful machine. Viva Italia!

I’ll be having another session of cool sculpting tomorrow which usually leaves me bruised so Sir and I will not be having a session. We are going out to dinner though. That should be nice as long as it’s a quiet restaurant. He makes good selections so I’m not concerned where we will go. Sir asked me what I wanted for my birthday so I selected another spa-day. Facial, wax, and a massage; pure heaven.

That’s it for me today. I’m ready to just relax and zone out for a while.

Ta ta

Nigh Might Be An Over Statement 

I’m going back to old school and listing my positives first:

  1. I still have a kind and understanding Sir.
  2. Sir forgave my transgressions and we reconnected.
  3. It’s my birthday!
  4. Dinner with Mom, Kid, Houseguest at my favorite Mexican restaurant.
  5. There will be a heap of work coming my way at work soon.

After some begging and convincing, I won my Sir back. It wasn’t easy, Sir has a particular mindset when it comes to his subs behavior. After I was unreleased from my release, I promised to be in our spot last night, in his favorite teddy, in my submissive pose as he came into he room. 

Of course I had to open the door for him so I wasn’t in my pose. Sir came into the room and immediately embraced me. I was very wary and unsure how our meeting would go. He noticed this as he sat in one of the chairs in the sitting area and I sat at his feet. At first he wanted to talk and to look at me. I was extremely nervous as I didn’t know how much trouble I was in or if I was going to be truly forgiven and belong to him again. When I explained that nothing was wrong and that I was just nervous I was given my warmup/birthday spankings. I was suppose to keep count, and I tried my best but I was so happy to be back in Sir’s clutches I couldn’t keep count. The total I counted was around thirty, but it was just his hand spanking me so it wasn’t too painful. The painful part came next.

I don’t know what Sir used on me for my punishment, but it hurt and stung. My hands were over my head hooked to the shower rod, my legs were in the spreader bar. There were a couple of implements if I remember correctly but I can’t say which they were. It’s when the implements wrap around my sides and lick that they really sting. I was beaten from my upper back and arms down to my thighs. Sir was more forceful than normal which I expected. 

What I didn’t expect was that Sir was more forceful throughout our session. I took the lashings as I was supposed to and did as I was told at every turn. Sir even stopped once and asked if I was “yellow”, to which I responded I wasn’t. I wanted to take everything he put to me; I had to prove my submission to him and my gratitude to him for taking me back. From what I could tell from under the sleeping mask, there were all three types of floggers (suede, leather, horsehair), the split leather strap, two solid rods, and the nipple clamps. When I thought we were done at our agreed upon time Sir had one last thing in store for me. Hot wax. We’ve used hot wax in the past and I am fine with it’s use, Sir loves to see me squirm as it singes my delicate areas. I’m not sure what he was doing this time; at first I thought he was using candle wax and a hot oil because some of the drips seemed to burn more and spread more. When all was said and done on both my back and my front and it was time to clean off the wax, it all seemed to just be the same white candle wax all over. I always feel badly for leaving such a mess for the cleaning crew.

All in all it wasn’t nearly as scary as I was expecting it to be. I knew Sir was very, very upset with me, but I didn’t know what he would do to me. I’m thankful that I do have a very kind and forgiving Sir, so my blog will continue as long as Sir will have me.

Ta ta

The End is Nigh

I am the worst sub. I am never available for my Sir. Rather, I should say I was never available to my former Sir. Sir has had enough of it and me. My stomach is in a knot and my heart is heavy. Don’t expect any more blogs from me as I won’t be searching for another Sir. Mine was the best and will be sorely missed. I’m too afraid of what is out there to search for another. Nothing I do or say will change Sir’s mind so I am a sub without Sir. This was not the birthday present I was hoping for nor expecting.
Goodbye Sir, I’m sorry I am such a disappointment.
Ta ta


This will be short and sweet. I spent 8 hours working on the same report and I still have a ways to go with it. It’s over 700 pages long! After traveling to Sibling’s house yesterday the front of my car and windshield were covered in lovebugs so I had to take it to get it washed at lunch today. Sir texted me as I was heading back to the office so I didn’t even get to chat with him today. Hopefully we can chat this evening. I have a waxing appointment on Wednesday and another cool sculpting session on Friday. Happy birthday to me!
So that’s it for me today, I am too tired again. I’ve got to start going to bed earlier.
Ta ta

Easter Sunday

Sir returns to town today. That makes me happy.
I spent the afternoon at Sibling’s house. At least I had Kid and Houseguest with me to keep me company. Of course the house was filled with people I didn’t know as per usual. Sibling gave me a lovely bracelet that matches earrings that were given to me a while back.
Also as per usual we were out of there after around two hours. Hour and a half dive, two hour stay, hour and a half drive; worth it. Houseguest was really impressed with the house though, it is quite something to behold.
Kid got me two cute pairs of pajamas, so it was early jammie time and I’m binge watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It’s pretty funny.
It will be an early bed time for me since I woke up at six for no reason. I did get a little nap in at ten before we had to leave, but I am still tired. 
I’m looking forward to seeing Sir this week, it’s been way too long.

Free-day Friday

Well since Sir is traveling I won’t hear much from him, but at least he can read about the goings on in my life here. 

I have been up since four this morning. I had a migraine yesterday so I slept until after five in the evening. I went back to bed around nine but I got good sleep even though I shouldn’t have been tired at all. I was in the office by six-thirty and had a report waiting for me, I spent the better of four hours on it and had a few more edits this afternoon. I made up some of the time I lost yesterday which is good for my paid time off bank. It was bad news for Sir’s and my session. I wasn’t even out of bed, there was no way I could have gone for a session. I still have remnants of the headache but I just took something for it and I hope it goes away.

I have no plans for this evening, but tomorrow I will go out with my girlfriend to our usual pub. Sunday Kid and I will travel to my sibling’s house for an Easter/birthday lunch. It’s my birthday next week. I’m not thrilled about birthdays as much as I used to be, but I will go out with my friends for dinner one night. Another girlfriend and her husband have birthdays the following week so I’m sure the seven of us will get together sooner or later. It used to be the eight of us. If Sir can join us it will be eight again, if not that’s okay I’m used to it and they are three of my best girlfriends (and husbands).

My collar has been fitting me better since I’m not coughing constantly. Thankfully The Dreaded Cough didn’t stick around for very long. I still don’t have my voice back, but I’m not concerned about that. At least it proves to the people at work that I was really sick and not playing around. I’ve been given my travel dates, and I won’t need to go to corporate until around the 24th. That’s good news for my birthday week, all the people who want to buy me nice things can give them to me on my date. LOL.

Pigeon has become a minor celebrity on Instagram. You can see his shenanigans at PigeonTheTerror if you like.

I seem to be rambling and my paragraphs contain more than one subject so I will end this for today. Happy weekend!

Ta ta

I Should Be In Bed

I have another thirty minutes before my night-time meds kick in so I thought I would write a quick entry before it is too late.
Sir thinks that maybe because I am in a good place now that maybe I don’t need him. I’m not too sure about how I feel about that. In some ways, yes I am much happier now than when I first met Sir. In other ways, I would miss him terribly if he were suddenly removed from my life.
Neither here nor there, we are meeting for a session tomorrow night. Afterwards I’m sure we will talk and decide the future of our relationship. That’s a little scary for me. I have been leaning on Sir as I get better mentally so losing him would be an esteem blow. I think I would feel lonely and isolated if I didn’t get to see or chat with Sir on a regular basis. Tomorrow’s session will tell a lot, I think. I need a session. I need to see Sir. I need to be punished for my indiscretions that he has yet to punish me for.
I am going to leave this post open to all the possibilities that my happen during our session tomorrow. I’ll write more when I know more.
Ta ta


Whew! Busy day. I don’t think I stopped until ten until five. I did not hear from Sir today so I assume we are not meeting tonight. He must be very busy today. I don’t have much else to write today. I’m just happy to be home and that I got all my reports out in a timely fashion.
Ta ta